Instructional Videos

Our new instructional videos have been designed to more affordably provide the instruction our visual/spatial students need.  They also do not require visits to Green Bay in order to receive the one-on-one instructions.  We have divided the videos into three levels.  The Basic Level is designed to meet the needs of the beginner who is typically at a kindergarten type of level.  The majority of the words are only 2-4 letters long.  This level has a heavier emphasis on the basic short and long sounds that the vowels make in words.  It also explains basic vowel teams and r-controlled vowel sounds as well as basic consonants.  This is where the strongest emphasis is placed on how to form letters in a left to right, top to bottom manner.  Here the critical need is met that helps the student’s brain learn how to process left to right and top to bottom instead of their natural tendencies to process right to left and bottom to top.  This is also the part of the instruction that the vast majority of conventional teachers can not relate to because they always naturally processed our written language in a left to right, top to bottom manner.

The next level is the Intermediate Level and has less emphasis on basic vowels and more emphasis on vowel teams, r-controlled vowels and consonant combinations.  Most of the words are four or five letters long.  This level assumes the student is forming their letters properly and has progressed through most of their difficulties with left to right, top to bottom processing.  While the Basic Level covers only four words with each lesson, the Intermediate Level covers eight words with each lesson.  If the student’s attention span has difficulties with that number of words, the lesson can be broken into fewer words and finished up with the next lesson.  The videos do allow for more flexibility due to the way the instructor can easily pick up in the middle of a previous lesson.

The final level is the Advanced Level and it also contains eight words in each lesson.  The words are typically 5 or more letters long.  This level reinforces all of the elements of the previous two levels but allows the student to further develop their decoding and encoding skills along with their visualization skills.

All lessons are provided on a rental basis only at the rate of $15.00/lesson.  Videos are stored on high capacity USB drives (typically 16 Gb per drive).

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