Reading and Spelling Instruction Tailored to The Right Brain Dominant Learner

If your child demonstrates a difficulty with reading or has been tested and labeled as “having a learning disability” in the areas of language processing – reading, writing and spelling or perhaps suffer from “dyslexia” . . . there is help!

READING CONNECTIONS offers a different teaching style for your right brain learner… a way of teaching so learning happens. This method nurtures the child’s self image. As they learn, they feel hope for a bright future.

Who Can Benefit

  • The Young Student… Children- ages 4 and up – who need a foundation for reading, spelling, and comprehension.
  • The Older Student… To increase literacy levels for reading, spelling and comprehension.
  • The Adult Student… To obtain greater fluency in reading, spelling and comprehension.
  • Teachers… To successfully facilitate remediation in all areas of language for those students who are not at grade level.
  • Business and Industry… to upgrade employees’ reading and spelling abilities in on-site group settings or individual lessons.
  • With our instructional videos literacy levels improve dramatically in any educational setting!


    • Supports whole-brain phonemic awareness research.
    • Targets students who need to become automatic readers.
    • Students learn to process words sequentially and read at or above grade level.
    • Can reach young students early enough to prevent failure and can help older students increase their reading and/or spelling ability.
    • Can be used with large or small groups or with individuals.
    • Can be integrated easily with all types of interest-centered reading materials.
    • Methods taught result in much improve comprehension.