“I worked with Mary Bowers, teaching children with reading problems, for five years. I was highly impressed by the results she got teaching this reading procedure. Her methods are fantastic! In fact, I had Mary teach me how to teach reading using the same multisensory, sequential phonics method. Now my students are reading with much more success.”

“This approach to teaching reading is truly unique. The results are extremely impressive. In one short year, I have seen students gain confidence and soar to the top of their class. Mrs. Bowers’ dedication is unmatched! She pours her heart into this program and her reward is the success of her students.”

“I taught first grade with Mary Bowers. I had several students who came into first grade struggling with the reading process. Mary offered to work with these students. At the end of the school year, the children were reading at grade level. Mary’s reading program has made a wonderful difference. Mary has given the children confidence which built up their self-esteem. They are now showing the desire and love of reading. I highly recommend her program.”


My daughter, Katie, is a client at Reading Connections. She is a 7-year-old second-grader at Heritage Elementary. In September 1999, I brought Katie to Mary Bowers for evaluation. At that time, Katie could not recognize her alphabet. She did not have the ability to write the alphabet or put a “sound” with a letter. It has been one year. Katie not only does the alphabet, but she was recently re-evaluated and tested at a 3.3 level for automatic sight words; her spelling is at a 2.4 level and her comprehension is at a 2nd grade level. She reads 64 words per minute and understands what she reads. At school, Katie is given a word list on a weekly basis…but you can also choose extra words to add to the list. Katie is very confident in this and chooses words which–in my opinion–are well past a second-grade level, ie…Olympics, sentence, special. Being in the Reading Connections program has given Katie more than just help in reading. She now wants to excel in all subjects and is currently surpassing what my expectations are for her in many other subjects as well. She has a wonderful sense of accomplishment – her self-confidence is wonderful. She can/will succeed. She has an attitude which is “I can do anything…just challenge me.” Katie and I owe a lot to Mary Bowers and the Reading Connections staff. They have truly changed the life of my daughter. We caught her early enough so that she will not feel the challenges of “being behind.” She loves to read chapter books and so much more. Rave review for Mary and the Reading Connections staff. (Loretta V.)

Thanks to the teachers from Reading Connections, my three children can read without being frustrated. They all enjoy reading now and can use the tools Reading Connections has taught them when they do their homework. (Ann N.)

I have two sons who are getting reading help through Reading Connections. The teachers at Reading Connections are very friendly and are eager to help my sons with any concerns I may have. (Debra M.)

My daughter, Heather, has totally benefited from the Reading Connections program. She started the program in late March 2000 and was several grade levels behind where she should have been. At the beginning of October 2000, she is at or well above her grade level in reading as well as comprehension. In 6th grade last year, she was far behind all the children in her class and almost not advancing to the next grade level. The teachers, as well as us, did not know where to turn or how to help her. We heard about the Reading Connections program and decided to give it a try. This year, as a 7th grader, she is receiving B’s or C’s as grades rather than the grades she received last year. Her self-esteem and whole attitude towards school has changed to a positive rather than a negative one. (Jane K.)

I have had three children at Reading Connections and it has helped every one of them. I only have one in now, and I do not know what I would have done the last three and one-half years without them. It is the best thing that has helped them. When my one daughter was in second grade, her teacher wanted to hold her back. I called Mary to see if she could help. Mary had her as a student in first grade and my daughter did not forget anything she had learned; she went on from there, and I did not hold her back. She is doing great. I’m so glad I called Mary. Children cannot go far if they cannot read. I thank all the teachers and staff and Mary for all their help at Reading Connections Inc. (Pam K.)

My daughter, Lexie, started first grade in the fall of 2000. At the end of September, it was brought to our attention that Lexie was having great difficulty in reading. The school personnel suggested the Reading Recovery program to help her. Lexie started the school program in October, working one-on-one with a reading teacher. After two months in this program we reviewed her progress, and, seeing only minimal gain, we decided to consult with Mary Bowers at Reading Connections. We felt we wanted to do all we could to help our daughter in her quest to learn to read. When Lexie was tested, she was reading at a kindergarten level, recognizing six sight words and having low comprehension and recall abilities. After only three months with Reading Connections, I am overjoyed to say our daughter is reading at a first grade, fourth-month level. Her comprehension and recall are growing, and the most amazing thing is her spelling level. Lexie was unable to spell at all; she could not sound out a word, let alone spell it, and now she is spelling at a second grade, fourth-month level. When you watch your child struggle to learn something that comes so easily to others, it is hard to describe what it does to you. I once asked a teacher of Lexie’s about her reading ability and was told that she was simply “marching to the beat of her own drummer”—-my reply was: “What if she doesn’t hear the music?” Thanks to the help Lexie has received at Reading Connections, she not only hears the music, she dances. (Peg C.)


My reading level went up a full grade in three months. I hope to keep going to classes at Reading Connections until my reading level is up to my school grade level. (Jayson S.)

Reading Connections is a fun helping place for kids. I have learned how to spell better. (Derek M.)

The work was challenging and fun. I wish we learned how to do this in spelling in school! It’s easier to learn my words and read since I’ve gone to Reading Connections. And now I’m happy that I can read and spell better!! (Alex and Tessa M.)

Reading Connections has helped me in many ways and I liked how they helped me. I am not in it anymore, but I still practice my reading and I enjoy it! I am much better at reading. I can read without struggling. That helps me understand everything much better!! (Cassie K.)